Helping Tim Hortons find a meaningful and lasting way to thank 25,000 of its employees without breaking the bank.


Tim Hortons—one of the largest coffee chains in North America, worked with Infinite Sum to devise a way of providing their 25,000+ staff with a special gift. Provided with a scope and appropriate budget, it was determined that each of their staff would get a customized netbook computer with Tim Hortons logo.


Infinite Sum North American team created and recommended the notebook specification to Tim Hortons and upon agreement of the specification the project was handed over to an Infinite Sum sourcing team in China. The team went through our standard supplier search and selection process to determine the most suitable netbook manufacturer in China capable of meeting all required criteria (cost, delivery, quality, etc.). Upon selection of the supplier, Infinite sum project managed the entire process from start to finish with both Tim Hortons and the China supplier. The process included product specification management, packaging design management, production supervision, product quality testing and delivery to relevant Tim Horton locations in Canada and USA.


The delivery of 25,000 custom designed notebook computers to Tim Hortons in Canada and USA, under budget and in under 90 days from start of project.