Helping leading Canadian Dairy Co-op Agropur to design, implement and manage a Global Sourcing solution for their packaging requirements.


In 2015, when Agropur Dairy Co-op required Best Cost Country sourcing expertise to develop and manage a new Global supply solution, they engaged Infinite Sum to lead the initiative.


Lead by Infinite Sum North North American sourcing team, and supported by various Infinite Sum teams throughout Asia and South America, the combined teams of our client Agropur and Infinite Sum followed the Infinite Sum standard global sourcing roadmap to build a robust long-term sourcing strategy that would deliver Agropur goals. The process will involve Infinite Sum scaling a sourcing solution across multiple categories and countries covering for example, price competitiveness, various risk analysis, technical competency and many other.


Provide Agropur with ongoing access to a Best Cost Country sourcing solution throughout Asia and South America for the targeted product / packaging categories, enabling Agropur to deliver significant savings direct to the bottom line. Infinite Sum will continue to integrate suppliers into Agropur supply chain and will manage the supply network ongoing for several more years.