Helping leading Canadian baby care product provider Simply Kids develop a full range of packaging and product solutions and supply network for their rapidly expanding brand.


Simply Kids is a leading provider of baby care product, most notably their diaper range that has become the third largest in terms of market share in North America. As the company experienced a rapid growth in their diaper business, they leveraged this by expanding their product range to include items ranging from children clothes, baby food, shampoo, baby powder, baby oil, etc. They required outside expertise to assist them not only in establishing a low cost country sourcing solution for their expanded product range, but also expertise in the development of appropriate packaging to meet both functional product requirements and local regulatory requirements as well as brand image. They engaged Infinite Sum to deliver their expectations


A team from Infinite Sum packaging group worked closely with Simply kids management and product team in Canada over a period of several months to design and scope out the packaging design requirements for the expanded product lines. Once the packaging designs were complete, the primary project responsibility transferred to infinite Sum sourcing group which conducted our standard supplier search and selection process in Asia that ultimately resulted in the qualification and selection of an approved supplier network.

Upon selection, Infinite Sum managed the development and integration of these suppliers into Simply Kids supply chain, and are responsible for the on-going management of the suppliers on behalf of Simply Kids.


A qualified supply network in Asia for Simply Kids that delivers all product packaging requirements on-time and exceed cost objectives, managed on-going by Infinite Sum.