Helping Wahl Clipper company expand their global manufacturing footprint into Vietnam.


Due to growing capacity requirements and a wish to diversify risk of supply dependency from their own manufacturing facility in China, Wahl Clipper engaged Infinite Sum to conduct a detailed footprint study to determine the most appropriate country for an additional manufacturing solution, as well as design and implement a project plan to best establish themselves in the chosen country.


Infinite Sum conducted a detailed evaluation footprint study for Wahl taking into consideration pre-determined and approved criteria. The study concluded that Vietnam was the best option for Wahl Clipper to locate their new factory. It was further determined that a Greenfield option rather than buying an existing building most suited Wahl Clipper specific needs. Upon all of these conclusions, Infinite Sum established a localized project team from our Vietnam office to set up and manage a turnkey greenfield project plan including the development and management of the construction tender process, selection and management of the local architect firm in addition to the on-going project management throughout the construction process to ensure all building and regulatory requirements were delivered as planned. In parallel to the construction portion of the project, Infinite Sum managed all processes related to establishing Wahl Vietnam local business entity in addition to hiring a local country General Manager for the new company.


A turnkey project solution and management team that will deliver Wahl Clipper a customized turnkey developed factory in HoChi Minh City Vietnam, on-time and within budget during 2015, capable of meeting their growing capacity requirements by early 2016.