Helping Miller Coors develop a manufacturing process and quality system solution for an innovative product outside their firms traditional expertise, that was to be produced in China.


Miller Coors were in the process of developing their first home-draft beer dispenser unit that was to be produced in China. As the delivery deadline drew near, Miller Coors recognized the need to engage outside support that could plug the gaps in expertise within their own team that came from the traditional bottling and canning of beer. Due a combination of expertise in complicated manufacturing & assembly techniques in addition to on-the-ground china supplier development, Miller Coors engaged Infinite Sum to provide the solution they required.


Infinite Sum were required to create a rapid response team to engage with Miller Coors and the selected China supplier. The team was made up of consultants from USA, China, India and Europe with specific expertise in manufacturing process engineering, supplier quality systems development and packaging design and testing. Due to the critical timing associated with the project, Infinite Sum were able to install a dedicated team at supplier location within a matter of days of being engaged by Miller Coors.


Created an effective China supply management system that developed, tested and delivered home draft dispensers from China to Miller Coors bottling plants in North America on-cost, on-quality and on-schedule.