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Gaining a new or stronger foothold in key emerging Asia markets – primarily China, India and Vietnam is a key priority for many SMB’s. These SMB’s face substantial challenges to maintain sales and margin potential, changing and diverging needs to new competitors and breakthrough technologies. Infinite Sum supports companies in the food, ingredients and CPG industries in  capturing new opportunities in emerging markets. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver profitable growth, while also ensuring a sustainable business model.

In many emerging markets today, many SMB companies in their prior haste to enter these same markets, ended up working through a large number of unqualified distributors to get their products to a hugely fragmented customer base of small indepentant retailers. This makes efficient distribution and coverage very difficult if not impossible, and it can be expensive and difficult to obtain any beneficial visibility of the customer and the end consumer.

Taking the plunge and expanding in to an international market can be a somewhat daunting challenge for SMB’s and even many large corporate organisations. Despite globalisation, there are still some major difficulties in competing internationally which do not exist in the domestic market. Gaining an understanding of the changing nature of the international trading environment and identifying larger strategic (global) and more “local” market trends can have a major impact on a company’s decision making when considering export or other forms of internationalisation. There are also the individual country social and cultural considerations which effect customer/buyer/partner behaviour and how we approach international markets.

The political, economic, environmental, legal and social structure of a country, along with its level of technological advancement, should be carefully assessed in order that the international market provides a synergy with the requirements of the business and that this can deliver the required return on investment.


Embarking on your first foray into an international emerging market, engaging in your first overseas visit / trade show or setting out on a pathway to internationalisation can be a daunting prospect – particularly when your existing resource is stretched and dedicated to your regular and ongoing domestic business operations.

Infinite Sum have 20+ years and a strong track record in delivering large scale and small scale international marketing & sales initiatives on behalf of clients. Our global marketing and sales consultants have significant functional and industry expertise globally within the specific product categories and industry segments that our clients engage us to operate within.

We can provide dedicated expert resource to assist you with your international implementation programme, freeing up your management to remain attentive to their ongoing responsibilities whilst also ensuring that key milestones are achieved along the international project timeline.

Portrait of a confident, attractive young professional, representing one of Infinite Sum's global sourcing and procurement consultants


Infinite Sum views International Marketing and Sales as a holistic roadmap, consisting of a series of steps as outlined in the graphic below. The six key elements that contribute to developing a total international marketing and sales solution include:

  1. Target Market Evaluation
  2. Best-in-Class (BIC) Perspective Analysis
  3. Development of Positioning Strategy
  4. Development of Product Mix and Style
  5. Development of Private Label Approach/Role.
  6. Marketing and Media Support

At the beginning of every engagement, Infinite Sum work with our clients to develop and plan the specific initiative in hand, i.e., Step 1 of the roadmap (Target Market Evaluation).

Target Marketplace Evaluation
Best-in-Class (BIC) Perspective Analysis
Development of Positioning Strategy
Development of Product Mix and Style
Development of Private Label Approach/Role
Marketing and Media Support
  • Deep Dive analysis into target market
  • Complete opportunity analysis
  • Consumer buying behavior analysis
  • Key retail/competitor analysis
    • —Customer service
    • —Merchandising
    • —Marketing
    • —Price and position
  • BIC by channel
  • Merchandising
  • Develop key success factors:
    • —Customer service
    • —Merchandising
    • —Marketing
    • —Price and position
  • Develop a mission statement for retail concept
  • Develop the role and position of brand
  • Develop the role and position within the specific product channel
  • Develop a consumer/customer profile
  • Establish the right product balance, for example:
    • —Percentage of Fresh
    • —Percentage of Dry
    • —Percentage of Frozen
  • Unique products vs. everyday products
  • Signature and destination category evaluation
  • Develop positioning and role for a private label
  • Position relationship to the overall client brand
  • Establish a strategy for marketing communication in-store and out-of-store

Upon the development and completion of the “go-to-market” plan, every client has a different perspective on, and requirement of where they want to go, and what they want to do. In some instances this can vary with the same client, depending on the product category in question.

To facilitate flexible requirements, we have structured our services so that a client can retain Infinite Sum to deliver individual marketing and sales development steps, or they can drill a level lower and we can deliver individual service offerings within a given step. These individual service options are listed beneath the key roadmap steps in the graphic above.


Effective marketing campaigns drive revenue, profit, and brand value. But the emerging international market  landscape is increasingly complex, with rapidly evolving customer needs and more fragmented interactions across marketing channels. Businesses need new strategies to reach their target audiences in these markets.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each client requires a tailored program to deliver real, meaningful results. Infinite Sum have the experience, and in-country knowledge to help our SMB clients compete on a level playing field with their larger competitors. We will assist you towards transforming your marketing, sales, and revenue functions to deal with emerging markets. With relatively low risk and high returns, transforming how you go to market internationally can generate great value for you and your customers.

We invite you to contact us direct to help us understand your exact need, or indeed any questions you may have. Once we gain a better understanding of your situation and requirement, we can walk you through in more detail exactly how Infinite Sum can help you deliver the results you require and what our recommendations will be.

We also invite you to review a sample of our marketing and sales development related case studies that we have available on our website for review. These are only a small sample of our recent engagements, so if you cannot find what you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange to present to you the most applicable case study relative to your requirement

To discuss how we can help your business, please CONTACT US or fill out a Request for Proposal (RFP)