Role: Paul is senior project consultant responsible for leading several UK based client projects

Location: London, England

Time with Infinite Sum: since 2014

What makes you proud to work here?

The company has an incredible sense of loyalty to clients, which explains why the majority of our clients have worked with Infinite Sum for many years. We don’t just treat them as a metric, but we take a professional and personal interest in delivering exceptional solutions for all involved (client and ourselves).

What makes Infinite Sum a different place to work?

Irrespective of your job title or seniority at Infinite Sum, you need to be flexible and be willing and able to jump in and assist whoever in the company calls upon you. That call can come from any team anywhere in the world, calling on your individual expertise. The company is not structured in a typical consulting hierarchy and it is the closest to “flat organisation” I have ever worked in. This offers great opportunity for everyone in the company to develop themselves beyond the boundaries of their job descriptions.