About Us

A confident, smiling business man, representative of Infinite Sum executives

Infinite Sum is a global management consulting firm, made up of experienced business executives, and consultants who deliver immediate—and long-term—solutions, and real profit to our clients. Since 1993, we have been retained as consultants and trusted partners by many clients, ranging from Fortune 500 organizations, to smaller firms with revenue of less than $100m.

Combining our deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in manufacturing operations development, global sourcing solutions, and marketing and sales development, we advise our clients on their most critical issues, and opportunities relating to their global initiatives. We provide this advice and support across numerous industries, and geographies, with particular emphasis on emerging markets.

Our company was founded in 1993, under our original name of AGS LLC, and since then it has grown through internal domestic and international growth, as well as through various acquisitions. Our client strategies have changed—in addition to the broader opportunities we saw—broadening our business into helping companies:

  1. Develop better profits, not just through global sourcing but through broader cost cutting initiatives; and
  2. Develop sales and market entry into the same markets that were once just seen as a low-cost supply options.

Infinite Sum was one such AGS LLC acquisition—an organization which specialized in market development strategies, as well as product branding. In 2012, shortly after this successful acquisition, our company group was rebranded as Infinite Sum.

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