Careers Overview


A group of professionals in a boardroom, representative of executives meeting about potential Infinite Sum candidates

Infinite Sum is a global community of professionals from countries and cultures worldwide. We bring together people with wide-ranging perspectives and passions, and diverse capabilities––from sourcing and procurement, engineering and manufacturing quality, to ethnographic research and industrial design, to sales, marketing and business strategy. We work side by side with our clients on teams that identify and solve problems, design and implement business initiatives, and drive change that creates top-line and bottom-line growth.

Most of our professionals have a minimum 10 to 20 years of experience. They bring creativity, intellect, and judgement; they appreciate varied perspectives and collaborate well; they are expert in their fields and understand the broader context of their work; and they enjoy working together to deliver real results. Working with Infinite Sum gives you the freedom, flexibility, variety and control over your career and work/life balance.


We rarely work off standard consulting delivery templates with our clients, and have been highly successful due to our ability to be flexible in adapting our teams and solutions to meet our client needs. Whether this involves fulfilling an immediate short-term critical project resource need or building a customized long-term team to be embedded inside our clients, we always deliver what our clients require.

We aim to developlong lasting relationships with our clients, typically moving from one project to another project within our clients businesses, addressing new and unique problems on the inside of business and always looking for opportunities to add value.

To ensure success, we begin each new engagement by assessing our client’s needs and finding the right people to get the job done. Our professionals cross cultural, functional and geographic lines to bring clients the collective learning and experience of our global team.

The diversity of our client requirements can be highly rewarding and sometimes challenging for our people. On one extreme, our people may find themselves embedded in one client in a specific geographic region for several years, while on the other extreme they may interchange multiple projects in multiple countries throughout the course of a single year. We do our upmost when hiring people to ensure we understand their personal goals and challenges, in order to match their abilities and expectations with specific project and client scenarios.

Opportunities within Infinite Sum are typically categorized as either Consultant-based roles or Support Services Team roles. To understand each category better, please read the following:

Portrait of a poised young professional, representing an Infinite Sum consultant candidate


Our consultants have the opportunity to work with Infinite Sum on flexible terms that suit their career and entrepreneurial goals. Many will join Infinite Sum as full time employees, while many will prefer to work with our firm as independent contractor consultants on short-term domestic or international assignments. As highlighted above we strive to match our project and client requirements with the goals and abilities of the most compatible consultants within our firm to ensure overall success.

Our global team are made up of professionals that typically come from the countries in which our clients operate their own businesses or supply networks. Drawn from diverse backgrounds and business disciplines, we are multinational, multicultural, multi-disciplined and connected by a common, client-success driven culture. Our consultants pool their business experience and knowledge of business / industry specific practices and regulations gleaned in the countries in which they work, calling on each other for valuable expertise when the need arises. Irrespective of what country, industry background or indeed client project that any of our teams are working on, their specific knowledge can be harnessed and tapped by any individual and/or project team around the world when the need arises.


Our Administrative Support teams provide financial, legal, human resources, logistical, sales &marketing and local office operations support to our firm. This serves to help grow our business and enable Infinite Sum to deliver its responsibilities to our shareholders, clients and company employees and contractors. Job opportunities within our administrative support teams are typically located at our headquarters in North America or at one of our regional offices in UK, India, China and Vietnam.

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