Helping a UK medical equipment provider to overcome supply chain disruption and the challenges associated with sourcing remotely from medical device manufacturers in Asia.


Mobilis healthcare group had previously sourced and tooled projects in Low Cost Countries, but had found the process extremely frustrating and expensive both through remote management from the United Kingdom and the use of highly unreliable Hong Kong based sourcing agents. They engaged Infinite Sum to help them design a solution that would incorporate a newly qualified supply network that ultimately, could be managed direct by Mobilis own sourcing team.


After a detailed evaluation of the existing supply network, it was determined that an entirely new group of suppliers were required including product manufacturers as well as packaging producers. Infinite Sum identified, selected and developed a new group of suppliers without disrupting the present supply of product to Mobilis locations in United Kingdom. Once integrated into Mobilis supply chain, the suppliers were managed over a period of months by Infinite Sum, then handed over to Mobilis own direct control.


Implementation and ongoing management of an entirely new and qualified supply network on behalf of Mobilis, that delivered product meeting all expectations, on-time and below unit-cost budget.