Building a 200,000 Sq. Feet Woven Polypropylene bag factory in Vietnam.


Changshu Bag company is a major manufacturer of flexible packaging and woven fabric. Due to a combination of rising costs in China and import duty increases on their products being supplied to North America they decided to relocate the majority of their manufacturing to an alternative low cost country. With the support of Infinite Sum teams from both China and Vietnam, it was determined that a turnkey greenfield solution in Vietnam was the best solution.


A combined Infinite Sum team from China and Vietnam offices was established to support the project from start to finish including:

  • Site location and building contractor selection in Vietnam
  • Regulatory and business license requirements
  • Building Construction Management
  • New equipment purchase and transfer & installation of production equipment from the clients China factory
  • Qualification of all plant and machinery installation in Vietnam including the setting up of full production.
  • Assistance in the hiring and training of key Vietnamese technical staff.

Established a fully operational facility from greenfield to finish in less than 9 months enabling client to meet all stated objectives.

Plans in place for Infinite Sum to support client develop a large manufacturing presence in Cambodia in 2016.