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  • Infinite Sum factory management on the factory floor

    全球供应商管理 “地面作战部队”

    我们不相信全球供应商的远程管理和相关风险。在Infinite Sum,我们通过在30多个国家开展业务来保护客户的供应利益。

Infinite Sum 客户推荐信

  • Infinite Sum has been instrumental in broadening our intelligence in many overseas markets. They have provided innovative, high quality solutions that delivered on all of our goals. Their dedication to providing low risk global sourcing solutions versus “just cost reduction” has helped our team deliver the high quality standards that our consumers demand. We have been very happy with the customer service from all levels within Infinite Sum and we would recommend them to any company looking to grow their expertise in global markets.

    ULTIMA Foods
    Ron Bijl, Director Strategic Sourcing
  • When I was tasked with the lead opportunity to build the JCI lithium Ion facility in Shanghai, JCI decided to outsource the development and management of the initial pilot project to Infinite Sum prior to growing it to a full scale. The program required a firm that had the ability to work on-site at JCI location in Michigan, USA and conduct a technology and skill transfer to China where Infinite Sum was required to build a new team of engineers and technical professionals from scratch to support the JCI program long-term. The program was a complete success, and I would recommend to any company in need of on-the-ground project management and engineering support in Asia to utilise the services of Infinite Sum.

    Infinite Sum client Johnson Contols' logo in blues and greens
    Senior Manager, Advanced Manufacturing
  • When an Israeli company with a disruptive food and beverage technology like DouxMatok is looking to get into the North American markets, it is absolutely essential we receive the necessary support, experience, professional integrity and market positioning of a company located in the US. Infinite Sum has proven to Doux Matok to meet all of these requirements since we retained them 18 months ago. Infinite Sum people have not only the required experience, but also the spirit, the industry contacts and the attitude to make the “go to market” happen for Doux Matok.

    DouxMatok logo in brown and orange
    Eran Baniel, Chief Executive Officer
  • The Infinite Sum team’s work was instrumental in our off shore innovation project’s success and no doubt any prospective client of Infinite Sum will benefit significantly from their expectation as well. I am more than happy to represent MillerCoors in a reference capacity for Infinite Sum.

    Infinite Sum Client MillerCoors' logo in grey and yellow
    Randal Burroughs, Senior Project Manager, Miller Coors
  • Infinite Sum is a very valuable resource in assisting Wahl Clipper Corporation in Asia. Throughout the project they serve as an extension of Wahl Clipper by deeply understanding our culture and objectives, ensuring that the solutions put forth aligned with both. The guidance, insight, resources and support allow us to execute a project that we are unable to do on our own. In addition, the members of the Wahl team that work with Infinite Sum are provided an invaluable learning experience that continues to bring value to Wahl Clipper.

    Infinite Sum Client Wahl's logo in black
    Brad Capes, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management
  • Infinite Sum helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. As a business partner, Infinite Sum staff is a valuable resource and an extension of our own team. They provide instrumental quality assurance and adherence to procedures in the international manufacturing facilities that we have selected. Infinite Sum’s global expertise in staffing, geopolitical climate and legal considerations allows us to meet our current sourcing needs and look to future trends to help drive our business strategy.

    Commercial Packaging logo in navy blue and maroon
    Aaron Egbers, Chief Executive Officer Commercial Packaging Inc.
  • I have worked with the Infinite Sum team for more than five years on multiple projects in managing suppliers in low cost countries. They have brought high level of technical expertise and professionalism to the projects. I would recommend them to any organization that is looking to expand their supply chain and need the supplier relationship management support at the supplier’s manufacturing plant.

    Cargill logo in black and green
    Brian Lansing, Senior Director Global Packaging and Ingredients
  • Infinite Sum has been a critical business partner for Alliance Foods, Inc. for over 5 years. The successful operation for two of Alliance’s distinct business units are the direct result of the superior capabilities that Infinite Sum provides across their entire organization. The knowledge, experience and established relationships provides sourcing solutions we could not achieve with any another business partner.

    Infinite Sum Client Alliance Food's logo in navy blue, and multi-colored
    Sal Stazzone, Chief Executive Officer


为“Commercial Packaging” 提供亚太供应链管理

帮助美国领先的包装经销商“Commercial Packaging”在中国、印度和越南建立、发展和管理其制造供应商网络。


Driving operational improvements at the China manufacturing operation of an American multinational through the implementation of employee development programs and lean/six sigma initiatives.

回顾我们下面的媒体演示,了解Infinite Sum如何根据客户的期望定义价值,以及我们的关键实践应用和相关服务如何为客户提供价值和利润.


在Infinite Sum,我们将每一个客户视为我们的合作伙伴,为了取得成功,我们需要对客户的业务深入了解,并且需要强大的综合实力来确保给客户呈现最好的提案.

对于每一个客户和每一个案例,我们都从首席执行官的角度来设计项目所期待的解决方案。我们了解如何设计和实施解决方案,以实现“价值”的最大回报,并且每个解决方案最终的利润值 都有衡量结果的指标来量化。


  1. 创造价值新观念;
  2. 最大化他们今天所知的价值;
  3. 或者管理两者之间的正确平衡.



Cover of the English copy of the Supplier Development and Performance Engineers Brochure (PDF)
英格兰 供应商开发和性能工程师目录 (PDF)

Cover of the Mandarin copy of the Supplier Development and Performance Engineers Brochure (PDF)
中国供应商开发和性能工程师目录 (PDF)

Cover of the Spanish copy of the Supplier Development and Performance Engineers Brochure (PDF)
西班牙供应商开发和性能工程师目录 (PDF)

Cover of the Vietnamese copy of the Supplier Development and Performance Engineers Brochure (PDF)
越南供应商开发和性能工程师目录 (PDF)

为Infinite Sum 工作

我们能为您提供一份有价值的事业. 让您在一些世界领先的公司和组织中接受具有挑战性的项目。我们将Infinite Sum打造成一个的良好的环境. 您在这里工作、学习、成长、旅行. 让您在工作和生活之间建立一种健康的平衡关系,在这里工作不会占据您的生活。我们为经验丰富的专业人士提供大量的机遇和挑战.

我们重视每一位能加入我们公司的人才,我们培养他们快速成长, 独立完成工作,并能承担越来越多责任的专业人士.

Man pointing at one of several professional candidates' portraits, illustrating Infinite Sum's career possibilities

要讨论我们如何帮助您的业务,请联系我们或填写征求建议书 (RFP)