Offshore Manufacturing Consulting

We help manufacturing industry clients improve the performance of their off-shore manufacturing capabilities through a variety of solutions ranging from manufacturing strategy, manufacturing excellence, employee capability building and global footprint development and implementation. We have helped companies ranging in size from fortune 500s to those with revenues less than $100 million a year to achieve operational excellence both domestically and internationally, enabling them to deliver on their internal objectives every time, at the lowest possible cost. Today’s market challenges and global dynamics present both challenges and extraordinary opportunities for companies to restructure their operations to cover not only lost ground but to gain unprecedented competitive advantage against their competitors. Infinite Sum is positioned to help our clients capture these opportunities.

Companies are investing more “upstream” to improve product creation and “downstream” to better serve their customers and raise profitability. These trends will intensify the already strong pressure to maximize manufacturing efficiency and operational performance. In the future, the same companies will consistently align products and resources with their brand positioning. They are designing their products, as well as their international manufacturing facilities and supply chains so they can produce product more efficiently, at lower cost while all the time improving quality. In addition, the proliferation of the emerging markets not only as a sourcing solution, but also as a market opportunity to sell their products requires that companies need to become more flexible relative to where and how they setup their manufacturing plants.

OEMs suppliers also will see drastic changes in their value creation structures. They will need to improve operational efficiency to achieve additional cost reductions which are necessary to remain competitive. As the OEMs restructure where they relocate manufacturing operations around the world, they will expect their strategic suppliers to follow them. These trends make it critically important that suppliers develop a sophisticated, long-term manufacturing strategy in alignment with their own OEM customers.


Infinite Sum have 20+ years and a strong track record in delivering large scale and small scale manufacturing development initiatives on behalf of clients ranging from fortune 500s to those with revenues of less than $100m. We have a proven track record of working with senior executives on challenges like assessing overall manufacturing competitiveness, determining the status of manufacturing technology, defining the right make-versus-buy concepts, and establishing new global manufacturing networks.

Equally importantly, we work on manufacturing initiatives that develop production systems, especially in industries and remote geographical regions where these are traditionally not common. We also drive cost-improvement programs in uncompetitive plants, and improve quality or throughput with clients whenever and wherever circumstances require it.

Portrait of a confident, attractive young professional, representing one of Infinite Sum's global sourcing and procurement consultants


At Infinite Sum we help our clients—and their suppliers—address the challenges outlined above, by offering a broad range of services in the area of manufacturing and operational excellence. This expertise is strengthened by our many global alliance partners, who are dedicated to productivity improvement in various specialized industries.

An outline of these services can be viewed in the graphic below.

Global Project Management + Support
Global Footprint Development + Implementationn
Manufacturing Excellence
Quality Systems/ Compliance Development + Implementation
Management + Employee Development
  • Overall project management:
    • —Timeline management
    • —Budget management
    • —Risk management
    • —Resource management
  • Provision of supplemental project resources
  • Manufacturing strategy development
  • Global footprint optimization
  • Turnkey factory development
  • Continuous improvement:
    • —Lean
    • —Six Sigma
    • —Constraint management
  • Plant scheduling and capacity-planning
  • Implementation of international quality standards:
    • —ISO, GFSI, SA, etc.
  • Design and implementation of client-specific quality standards
  • Global audits and inspection solutions
  • Leadership assessment and coaching
  • Performance management programs
  • Training workshops, seminars and webinars
  • Employee relations programs
  • Handbook and policy development

Client engagements can range from manufacturing acquisition and due diligence assessments, to operations diagnostic, to corporate or business-unit strategy, along with post-merger integration, implementation support, and continuous improvement.

We are also heavily involved in footprint development projects, helping our clients establish manufacturing plants—either through acquisition or turnkey development—in emerging markets such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

Representative portrait of Infinite Sum executive


We apply lessons learned across industries to achieve and sustain step-change performance improvement. Infinite Sums manufacturing operations professionals bring in-depth experience, analytical understanding of strategic, tactical, and operational decisions and how they impact the bottom-line performance for our clients. We invite you to contact us direct to help us understand your exact need, or indeed any questions you may have. Once we gain a better understanding of your situation and requirement, we can walk you through in more detail exactly how Infinite Sum can help you deliver the results you require and what our recommendations will be.

We also invite you to review a sample of our manufacturing operations related case studies that we have available on our website for review. These are only a small sample of our recent engagements, so if you cannot find what you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange to present to you the most applicable case study relative to your requirement.

To discuss how we can help your business, please CONTACT US or fill out a Request for Proposal (RFP)