Role: Project Director —Global Sourcing

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Time with Infinite Sum: Since 2014

What makes you proud to work here?

It’s a very well-managed company and very ambitious. Infinite Sum is organised strategically and willing to try different things—it’s sensible in targeting markets rather than being all things to all people. They have put a great deal of trust in me over the years and work hard for me to make sure my career path works for my family wellbeing.

What makes Infinite Sum a different place to work?

Infinite Sum is more collegiate and less hierarchical than most other consulting organisations—senior managers are approachable and very visible which it takes its lead from—you can ask anyone if you have a question or need support. Infinite Sum’s a proactive place. This proactivity enables the firm to cope well with change from growing the client base to expanding into new countries. I enjoy the versatility of the work and the locations where I find myself working.